Celebrating 25 years as Official Wine Supplier of the Festival, the family company Baron Philippe de Rothschild presented the renewed design of the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar, carefully conceived with the collaboration of the rising star of French decorative arts Mathias Kiss. Located on the most influential spot of La Croisette, on the rooftop of the Palais des Festivals, the new space welcomes the world of cinema in a casual yet stylish atmosphere where « the French Art of Living » will be savoured with a glass of the new limited edition of Mouton Cadet wine.

The walls covered with large size mirrors reflect the outstanding panorama offered on the 6th floor terrace, opened on one side on the historical port of Cannes and on La Croisette on the other. The ceiling is covered with light bulbs and neon lights as a reminiscence to the impressive hall of stars of the Palais des Festivals and Hollywood film premieres.