This year Mouton Cadet has created a special wine for the Cannes International Film Festival.  Unlike a limited edition distinguished by a specially-designed bottle, the Cuvée Spéciale is a wine produced exclusively for the 2019 edition of the Cannes Film Festival.

Made with grapes grown by Mouton Cadet’s partner winegrowers, 50% of the wines in the blend are from the Bordeaux appellation and 50% from the Côtes de Bordeaux appellation, giving it great refinement. Another defining feature is the high proportion of Merlot, more than 80%, bringing ripe black berry fruit aromas and flavours. The climatic conditions of the 2016 vintage particularly favoured the expression of Merlot’s fruit, developing notes of Morello cherry, bilberry and BlackBerry.

The wine is matured for 16 months and oaked for some of the time. Oaking makes the wine rounder and more supple, refines the tannins and enhances their consistency on the palate, and brings smoothness and roast coffee-bean notes while preserving the aromatic expression of ripe fruit.To celebrate the event, Mouton Cadet’s emblematic Barbacchus – a ram’s head, bacchic symbol, with a cluster of grapes in guise of a beard – has donned a stylish bowtie which recalls motion picture film. Dressing up in this way to welcome its guests is also a tribute from Mouton Cadet to the Cannes Film Festival’s legendary elegance.

This very special Cuvée can be enjoyed at the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar, along with limited-edition Mouton Cadet white and rosé Festival de Cannes 2019, and will be served at many events and official dinners during the Festival.