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Mouton Cadet Blanc x Nathan

Mouton Cadet Blanc x Nathan

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This fresh, solar and bright, organic and vegan white wine is made from Sauvignon Blanc, a typical Bordeaux grape variety.


The white

Nathan is the son of Philippe Sereys de Rothschild and great-grandson of Baron Philippe de Rothschild. With his sister Mathilde and cousin Pierre, he is a regular participant in sessions of the Creative Lab, a working group on innovation organised for Mouton Cadet. Together, the three cousins investigate new modes of consumption, contribute their own ideas and cast a critical eye over Mouton Cadet’s plans for future development, including innovations.

After two years of work with the brand’s technical staff, the new organic and vegan Mouton Cadet Sauvignon Blanc which bears his name was revealed in 2024: Mouton Cadet White x Nathan 2023, a solar wine with citrus notes, very fresh and bright.

Vegan & Organic

A wine can be certified vegan if a fining agent of non-animal origin (e.g. clay) is used during vinification to clarify the wine from all impurities and bacteria. Organic certification requires compliance with European rules that apply to all processes from vinegrowing to vinification.

Vegan & Organic
Nathan et des vignerons

Varietal mix

Sauvignon Blanc Freshness and fruit
Maturing 3 months on fine lees
Serving temperature 6-8°C

Tasting notes


Golden, with a slight ivory hue.


The nose opens on citrus aromas, especially lemon and grapefruit, then with airing develops hawthorn and jasmine notes as well as a touch of fresh apricot.


From a fresh attack on Kaffir lime flavours with a hint of aniseed, the mid-palate expresses elegant floral notes, leading into a finish that lingers on hints of liquorice.