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Which is the best wine in the Mouton Cadet Collection?

Mouton Cadet offers several collections of red, white and rosé wines from the Bordeaux terroir. As tastes are personal, we suggest you find the Mouton Cadet wine which best suits you by using the search tool.

How long can I keep my Mouton Cadet wines?

To keep Mouton Cadet wines, we advise storing the bottles horizontally, on their side, away from light, at a constant temperature of 10-15° C and relative humidity of 70-80%. Under these conditions, red wines may be kept:
– 3 years for organic reds,
– 5-7 years for unoaked reds,
– 7-10 years for oaked reds.
We recommend drinking whites and rosés in the year of purchase to make the most of their freshness.

What food can I pair with Mouton Cadet wines?

Go to the Wine & Food Pairings page to find the perfect pairing.

At what temperature should Mouton Cadet wines be served?

The ideal serving temperature is 15-17° C for reds, 8-11° C for whites and rosés. We recommend serving certain red wines from our Collection slightly cool. You can find all our recommendations on the relevant wine pages.

Where can I buy Mouton Cadet?

Mouton Cadet wines are sold in supermarkets, at wine stores, in selected cafés, hotels and restaurants and online.

You want to know more about Mouton Cadet’s commitments.

Go to the Our Commitments page to find out more.

Where does the name Mouton Cadet come from?

“Mouton” refers to the family estate at Pauillac, “Cadet” to Baron Philippe’s position in the family (cadet means younger son in French).

What is Mouton Cadet’s terroir?

Mouton Cadet is the result of blending the diversity of Bordeaux terroirs.

What grape varieties are used to make Mouton Cadet wines?

The main grape varieties for red wines are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Each variety brings something different to the wine:
Merlot: body,
Cabernet Sauvignon: elegance,
Cabernet Franc: tannic structure.
The main grape varieties for white wines are Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. Sauvignon Blanc brings freshness, while Semillon is rounder.

Who makes Mouton Cadet wines?

Mouton Cadet wines are the result of close cooperation with a community of 150 winegrowers who tend over 1,500 hectares of vines. From pruning to vinification, they are supported on a daily basis by a team of 7 winemakers. To find out more, go to the Our Winegrowers page.

I would like to distribute Mouton Cadet wines in another country. Who should I get in touch with?

Please make your request using our contact form in the Contact/Trade request section. We will get back to you promptly.

How can I apply to join the Mouton Cadet team?

Go to the https://talent.bpdr.com/ website, where you will find all our vacancies and an option for submitting an open application.