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Mouton Cadet White

Mouton Cadet White


A white wine with perfect balance between freshness, provided by intense citrus notes typical of Sauvignon Blanc, and fruit, from the white fruit flavours that come from Semillon.

Varietal mix

Varietal mix

Sauvignon Blanc Freshness and fruit
Semillon Roundness and density
Muscadelle Refinement
Maturing 6 months in stainless-steel vats on fine lees with regular stirring.
Serving temperature 8-10° C

Tasting notes


Glittering pale gold.

Nose citrons

The nose opens on a delicate combination of white blossom and citrus aromas, then goes on with airing to reveal touches of lemongrass, yuzu and grapefruit.

Palate agrumes

From a smooth and fresh attack on distinct white blossom notes, the attractively full-bodied mid-palate reveals grapefruit and lemon flavours, while the finish displays touches of tea and apricot typical of Semillon.