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Tarte en fleur


Preparation 30 minutes
Service 4 people
Difficulty 5/10


  • 24 oysters of your choice
  • For the sauce (optional):
  • 20cl olive oil
  • A bunch of clean, dry dill


  1. Open the oysters at least 30 mins before eating.
  2. Take an oyster and hold it in your hand, deep side down. The heel of the oyster should be pointing towards you.
  3. Ideally with an oyster knife, place your thumb on the flat side of the blade near the point. Insert the point between the two halves of the shell, about two-thirds down the edge (to begin with, protect your hand with a cloth). Make small movements with the blade to gradually cut the upper muscle.
  4. Using the knife as a lever, lift the top half of the shell and scrape away the flesh from it. Your oyster is now open. Pour off the first water: the oyster will soon produce a tastier water.
  5. Cut a lemon into quarters. Squeeze lemon juice over your oyster to taste.
    Top tip: you have to give the oyster a chew to let the flavours develop.

The Chef's twist

Here’s a herby tip for your oyster.
Put a bunch of washed and dried dill in a blender bowl with 20cl of olive oil. Blend for a good minute, then drain the oil through a very fine sieve. Season your oyster with a drizzle of dill oil and a squeeze of lemon juice.